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Data Portal

The Data Portal provides access to reports and data

Welcome to the New Mexico EPHT Data Portal. The NM EPHT website provides different types of data which ranges from highly textual "EPHT Topics" (contextual information about Health and Environment) to detailed numerical datasets. Listed below are the types of numerical data offered as well as the links to access these data.

Below is a section for of each type of data product within the data portal. Each section includes a decription and links to the associated indexes that can be used locatae and to navigate to the data. This includes:

Indicator Reports

NM EPHT indicators are numeric measures of the state or condition of the environment and/or population health as a result of exposures to the environment or other factors that we want to track. Indicator Reports provide online numeric data combined with public health context (such as why it is important and what is being done to improve it) for environmental factors (e.g., levels of ozone as a way of gauging air quality) or health outcomes (e.g., emergency department visits for asthma) potentially related to those environmental factors along with charts, maps, and data values. To view a report click on one of the indicator report index buttons below.

Alphabetical IndexTopical Index

Community Reports

Community reports provide a summary of baseline conditions and trends in a community and study area. It establishes the context for assessing potential impacts and for project decision-making.

The community profile report provides a table of numerical data based on a set of of health indicators for a given community. The community dashboard report provides high level contextual information as well as some detailed numerical visualizations for a community.

Environmental Health Community Profiles

Queryable Public Datasets

"Queryable Datasets" provides access to public, deidentified datasets with user-defined data criteria. The resultant data have limited contextual information when compared to an indicator report but provides more flexibility when analyzing data. These datasets are public and do not contain sensitive, personal identifiable data values.

Dataset Index

Secure Queryable Datasets

Some NM EPHT datasets can be queried in such a way that sensitive, small population data results are possible. Users wishing to access these datasets must apply for and receive authorization before access is granted.

Secure Datasets Index
See the Request Access to Secure Datasets page for more information about secure datasets.


Metadata are data about NM EPHT-acquired data and datasets. Once obtained, NM EPHT datasets are critically examined to fully characterize and describe the data elements, including the content, quality, and geographic and temporal extent. Exploring metadata is a way to discover data and learn about the NM EPHT datasets, specifically.

Metadata Index
For more information about NM EPHT Metadata see the Metadata Introduction page.


You can also set up a MyEPHT account, which allows you to save preferences custom query definitions for future reference, or share them with others.

My EPHT Selections